About Me



Hi, I’m Brittany. I’m a Los Angeles based twenty-something makeup junkie, online shopping extraordinaire, and fitness fanatic.

I’ve always been the girl doing my friend’s makeup, helping them find the perfect dress for an upcoming wedding, giving them the number for a great eyebrow wax, creating easy workout routines they can stick to, telling how I taped what to make a revealing gown work, and sharing my love of beauty, fitness and fashion.

For years friends have suggested I start a blog, and I always hesitated because in my mind  starting a blog would mean I needed to have it all figured out, from my concealer to my career, my diet to my wardrobe. That’s a lot of pressure! But I’ve slowly realized that my favorite bloggers are living, breathing humans who share their tips for living a more beautiful life, all while battling the inevitable creasing under-eye concealer, break-out, or style rut.

So this brings me to create simplyB, an in depth look at my personal style and an abundance of  tips on fashion, beauty and health.  I’ll show you how I put it all together and provide some honest commentary along the way.


Interested in collaborating or just have a question? Shoot me a message below!